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Paper tree

Arbre de papierDenise Lapointe wove a linen paper tree for the “Faits de papier” exhibition at the Maison de l'arbre of the botanical garden.

Dave makes ropesWe made linen paper rope tying a long paper machine web of wet pulp of an electric drill. The first idea was to try knitting them but it is really slow. A meeting with Dominique Proulx gave us the idea to make a paper tree for the “Made of paper” show at the Botanical Garden.

Tree weavingTricotageAttempting to knit the tree, weaving the tree.


Seed paper

David Carruthers is finishing a batch of paper with seed inclusions for a customer.

The seeds will sprout when the paper is watered.

The fist batch of seed paper that we made was for a 1990 annual report for the Charles Steward Mott Foundation. The design was the work of the Karl Olmsted Associates, Inc company.

PaperWorks! at Stewart Hall – september 2007

The Stewart Hall Art Gallery will present an exhibition of artworks on St.Armand paper from the 1st of September to the 14th of October 2007. (Communiqué)

On the evening of the opening, David Carruthers on the left, Denise Lapointe in the center and Joyce Millar. Introduction of the artists.

In the foreground on the table, books from Dominique Valade made of paper formed on metallic wires curved to shape pages. Dominique Valade is still working on this project at the Mill.
     Four calligraphic works of Guido Molinari from 1981 on the wall partitions on the left.
     On the back wall, drawings from Louis Boudreault made on collaged papers on panels realized in 2007.


On opening night, David Carruthers in front of “Treaty Canoe” by Alex McKay.

On the floor, calligraphic work of John Heward realized on the running paper machine. John followed the mechanical rhythm. The rolls were shown in an outdoor installation with Sylvia Safdie in Beijing in 1996.

Michelle Guay with papers she made herself at the mill. Ribbons and threads were integrated in the pulp.

In the foreground, « Sarcophage » of Paul Lussier made at the Mill in 1983. Paul Lussier pulled sheets with David Carruthers, placed a print on the fresh sheet and couched a second sheet on the print. A whole edition was hidden in this fashion and sealed with lead.

On the right wall, two linocuts of Annie Lou Chester printed on paper she prepared at the mill in 2006.

On the right wall, drawings of Marc Garneau burned with a flamethrower. On the table at the left, a scultpure of Michael Joliffe made of linen pulp cast and assembled from fragments.

Robert Lang at the Redpath Museum – April 2007




We made a 4m50 square sheet of paper for the McGill University Redpath Museum.





Robert Lang folded a giant origami pteranodon which became a permanent exhibit in the museum.

Visiting artist – December 2006

Annie Lou Chester prepares hand-made sheets for a printing project. The mill made 36 inches square sheets that she coloured with small wet sheets made days before. Once dry, the sheets will be printed with a linocut.

September 2006 open-house pictures

David Carruthers prepares his second giant sheet.

We thank everyone who came to give us a hand.

Louis Cuccia folds an origami with the help of Denise Lapointe from a 4m x 4m sheet of paper made a month earlier.

Robert Warner makes ready Denise’s new platen press. He ran it all day for demonstrations.

Robert works at Bowne & Co. Stationers at the South St. Seaport Museum, in New York.

Alexandra Pilote is showing Robert how to make paper.

She has been working at the mill for 5 years.

St-Armand Paper Mill,
3700, St-Patrick street, Montreal
(514) 931-8338

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